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Supplement your diet
Organic folic acid solution
Quantity: 250ml net tank
2 x 8 ml per day

Expiry date: 01.2026


  • is a dietary supplement containing a concentrated and highly bioavailable source of the most important organic carbon molecule among broad-spectrum humic acids, which is fulvic acid.
  • is characterized by a unique technology of obtaining a high concentration of fulvic acid from hard and brown coal as the main substance being the source of the most important organic carbon molecule.

Ingredients: purified water, fulvic acid.

Active ingredients in a daily dose (16 ml): fulvic acid 0.8 mg*.
*RWS Reference intake value for adults not established

Recommended portion for consumption during the day: 8 ml (1.5 teaspoons or one scoop) 2 times a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, preferably on an empty stomach or before a meal. Shake before use as sedimentation may occur. The product can be diluted with mineral water or natural fruit juice. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Note: The product has a natural bitter taste.

Storage conditions: Keep out of the reach of small children, in a dry place, at room temperature. Protect from light.

Warnings: Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. The product is intended for adults. It is not recommended for use in small children and pregnant and lactating women. Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet.

Best before end and lot number: on the bottom of the package.

The package contains: 15 daily servings.

Made in South Africa

Knowledge base

Nature has biocatalyst compounds that have a pro-regenerative effect and help restore good health by supporting energy-generating processes and intercellular communication.

These are, for example, carbon molecules that are the result of the action of microorganisms in the soil. They are obtained from rock secretions formed over thousands of years and are a natural remedy for diseases. They are a unique set of biologically active substances with a revitalizing effect, improving physiological processes and strongly reducing the risk of chronic health dysfunctions.

Mitochondria and anti-aging effect

Organic carbon substances increase the efficiency of the work of mitochondria - our cellular "energy furnaces". They are responsible for ATP production, cellular respiration, calorie burning and metabolic detox. ATP is a universal exchange currency for energy to carry out physiological processes, especially for the work of the heart, muscles and brain.

The proper functioning of the mitochondria is a factor determining the feeling of a "charged battery", maintaining a high level of energy, vitality, efficient mental functions and maintaining health homeostasis until late in life. At the same time, we do not introduce ourselves into a state of overstimulation or irritability associated with stimulants.

We also reduce the risk of health dysfunctions because we prevent the occurrence of subclinical inflammations and the signs of aging of the body appear more slowly. Mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

A healthy intestine is a healthy body

By changing the intestinal environment, organic carbon substances create "living conditions" for the growth and development of a harmonized microbiome. They help to rebuild the original microflora with the diversity of strains many times greater than after the use of probiotics.

The created signaling network helps to restore the integrity of the intestinal-blood barrier, and also helps to maintain its original structure of tight connections in the presence of toxins such as plant protection products, e.g. glyphosate or wheat lectins, i.e. gluten.

Therefore, there is no "leaky intestines", which allows you to avoid the penetration of harmful substances, prevent the formation of chronic inflammation in the body and the development of diseases.

Regeneration and body integrity

Biocomplexes of carbon substances affect the mineralization of bones, provide building materials, which accelerates the biological regeneration of tissues. They increase resistance to mechanical overload, reduce the risk of injury, improve elasticity and visual aspects of the skin. They also promote the regeneration of the digestive system, have an anti-ulcer effect and care for a healthy ecosystem of intestinal bacteria. They play a large role in maintaining the health of connective tissues, which determines when and how the body ages. They facilitate the transport of oxygen and micronutrients to the cell, which prevents chronic fatigue. They protect the nervous system against the decline of cognitive functions and the development of degenerative diseases, increase the productivity of the mind and memory. They have a chelating effect, remove heavy metals from the body. Thus, they prolong the status of body functionality and mental clarity despite age progression.

Anti-stress molecules

Organic carbon substances affect the bioenergetics of cells, support mitochondria in the production of energy in the form of ATP. They increase the body's resistance to biological stressors - they are cytoprotective and anti-inflammatory. They also directly affect the brain, causing behavioral changes, such as better stress tolerance, a sense of inner peace, and an anti-anxiety effect. Each of these aspects "switches" the body into parasympathetic mode (rest and wellness system), reduces excessive activity - i.e. "fatigue" of the adrenal glands and the level of the stress hormone - cortisol. Therefore, they have an adaptogenic effect.

Reproductive health

Carbonic substances contained in rock secretions harmonize the levels of sex hormones in both sexes. As a result, they have a revitalizing effect, improve the composition of the body, affect the mood and life "thriftiness". They promote a healthy libido and can act as an effective aphrodisiac. They improve the endocrine functions of the gonads and fertility parameters. They reduce the effects of oxidative stress on germ cells and increase blood perfusion through the genitals.

What does it protect against and what are the benefits of biocatalyst compounds?

  • Counteracts Chronic Fatigue and Exhausted Adrenal Syndrome
  • Strengthens mitochondria - our cellular "energy power plants"
  • It affects a stable level of energy, vitality, good concentration and memory
  • Improves stress tolerance - protects the body and activates the rest & regeneration mode
  • It creates an appropriate intestinal environment for the development of a diverse, beneficial microflora
  • It increases the tightness of the intestinal barrier when exposed to toxins, e.g. glyphosate or wheat gluten
  • Reduces the effects of exposure of the body to environmental toxins, removes (chelates) heavy metals
  • It has a positive effect on the levels of sex hormones, libido and fertility indicators in both sexes
  • It is a biocatalyst, supports the functionality of the body, longevity of connective structures and accelerates tissue regeneration after injury
  • Supports natural immune functions, reduces the risk of infection
  • It facilitates the transport of important vitamins and minerals to the cell
  • "Manages" the electric voltage of cell membranes and affects the intercellular communication of the current state and needs, which prevents chronic diseases