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Prepare your body for ...

good sleep, relieving stress, optimal working out, good diet absorption, and personalised supplements - all those things revolve around our reliability at work, home, and in your business.
We can help you out with all those things.

Tell us what you're struggling with, what's your goal, and what do you want to achieve?

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Everything begins in your body

To regain control you need to find out what's wrong

In our health programme, first we need to examine you. We are going to test the level of the 29 most essential elements in your body.

Thanks to these we will know:
* level of toxins in your body
* metabolic type characteristic
- endocrine function efficiency
- metabolic equilibrium
- acid base equilibrium
- energetics
- digestion

Based on this knowledge you will get supplements that are personalised to you and prescribed by a doctor.

A supplementation programme (for 3 month long)
Measurement of 24 bioelements and 5 toxic elements
Metabolic diet * for 7 days with recipes and recommendations for physical activity

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