Fruit and Protein Snack Bar - Dr. Jacob's

Fruit and Protein Snack Bar - Dr. Jacob's

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Fruit and Protein Snack Bar - Dr. Jacob's

Fruit and protein bar with magnesium, potassium and zinc for acid-base balance and vitamin B12 in an eco-friendly box made from recycled paper.

Cocoa and fruit flavour with a hint of aronia tartness.

A small, healthy meal:

✓ Almond protein, pomegranate polyphenols, aronia and cocoa
✓ Contains vitamin B12 and alkaline-active magnesium, potassium and zinc
✓ Great before or after exercise, at school, as a snack;
✓ With fruit flavour and no added sugar;
✓ Vegan, gluten-free.

The product provides the body with organic minerals:

Our bodies need to maintain a balance of minerals, especially during and after exercise.

  • The magnesium supports normal energy metabolism and the maintenance of bone and tooth health.
  • Potassium helps to maintain normal blood pressure and normal muscle and nerve function.
  • Zinc helps to maintain the acid-base balance.

Tasty snack:

Who doesn't sometimes feel like having a little snack? This product is perfect for that. It is a small complete meal. It has a pleasant taste and provides the body with important nutrients. It is satiating because it contains protein and fibre, but only 133 kcal.

Supports the nervous system:

The Alkaline Bar also supports concentration as it contains vitamin B12, which supports normal psychological function and the nervous system. This is especially important for vegetarians and vegans.

INGREDIENTS: dates, almond protein, pomegranate fruit juice concentrate (12 %), chokeberry fruit (8 %), cocoa (defatted), cherries, pea protein, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, zinc citrate, vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), orange oil.

May contain traces of nuts.

Best Before: 27.12.2023