16 Evening Primrose Oil - Including OMEGA 6

16 Evening Primrose Oil - Including OMEGA 6

Evening primrose isn't just a pretty plant. In fact its composition is very impressive - from minerals like calcium and magnesium, to vitamin E, to unsaturated fatty acids like GLA (Omega-6). It is said that evening primrose should be a permanent part of the diet of students and older people 👵🧓 who want to stay mentally fit for longer. This is because older people who regularly consume evening primrose have much more energy and will to live.

> Evening Primrose Oil <

d e f i n i t i o n :

Evening primrose oil is a plant found in fields and meadows, with several important benefits, both for the internal organism, but also for external appearance. Composition of evening primrose:

🟨 Unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and gamma-linolenic, they make up from 1️⃣5️⃣ to even 2️⃣0️⃣% of the composition of evening primrose-based products)

🟨 Palmitic, oleic and stearic acids

🟨 Minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium

🟨 Vitamin E

🟨 Protein

🟨 Enzymes

🟨 Phytosterols


🔅 Lowers lipid parameters, thus preventing vascular atherosclerosis and consequently reducing the risk of heart attack ❤ or ischaemic disease

🔅 Neutralises PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and alleviates mood swings 😀😑😠

🔅 May reduce the severity, frequency and duration of migraines

🔅 Improves immunity

🔅 Fights against various infections

🔅 Positive effects on memory processes and concentration 🧠

🔅 Speeds up metabolism and prevents accumulation of body fat (supports weight loss)

🔅 Helps with excessive stress levels

🔅 Has anti-cancer properties thanks to its gamma-linolenic acid content - it can be helpful especially in the fight against breast cancer

🔅 Can be used as part of a body detox - alleviates bowel problems, improves metabolism, and is beneficial for kidney and liver function


🟡 As a beauty treatment: 

It smoothes the complexion, strengthens hair 💇‍♀️ and nails 💅, moisturizes the skin, helps to maintain its firmness and elasticity. Moreover, the acids present in it help to get rid of various ailments such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. When rubbed into acne-prone skin, it soothes irritation and improves the overall appearance and condition of the skin. Thanks to the presence of fatty acids, the production of an important enzyme is initiated in the skin, which is ideal for the treatment of acne and psoriasis. Evening primrose oil is also a great way to have beautiful, well-groomed and thick hair. It can be used both for oiling the hair itself as well as applied directly to the scalp. The latter is perfect for those who complain of excessive hair loss.

P R E C A U T I O N S :

⚠ Evening primrose might increase the chance of bleeding during or after surgery. Stop using it at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery. It is not recommended to use evening primrose close to the end of pregnancy.

⚠ Evening primrose might increase the chance of bruising and bleeding. Don't use it if you have a bleeding disorder.

⚠ It is not recommended to take evening primrose in the case of epilepsy, schizophrenia or another seizure disorder.


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