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15 Lycopene - From Tomatoes

Lycopene is not a substance you may have heard about before. In fact, it is not even a substance that is produced autonomously by the human body, but it has a very diverse, wide range of benefits, which makes supplementation (via eating certain foods or supplements with more concentrated ingredients) a popular choice. This is especially true for athletes, which have increased and different nutritional requirements 😉💪.

( Lycopene )

d e f i n i t i o n :

Lycopene is an organic chemical compound from the group of carotenes, which belongs to the family of carotenoids, i.e. natural pigments present in plants. It is mainly found in TOMATOES AND TOMATO PRODUCTS. In smaller quantities it can be found in other products, e.g. GRAPEFRUITS, WATERMELON 🍉, APRICOTS, RED PEPPERS, PUMPKIN, ROSEHIPS.

Lycopene in tomatoes occurs in combination with other chemical compounds. For this reason it is less easily absorbed by the body. Tomato processing releases lycopene, e.g. in tomato passata, which can contain up to 2.5 TIMES MORE lycopene than fresh tomatoes.

Lycopene is best consumed in the presence of fat, since it is better absorbed by the body in this way.


🍅 Inhibits cholesterol synthesis and helps remove harmful LDL cholesterol from the blood 🩸

🍅 Has a great effect on the number and activity of sperm in semen, so it is often used in potency drugs

🍅 Influences bone strengthening by increasing bone 🦴 mineral density

🍅 It helps in cancer diseases, mainly of the prostate

🍅 Antioxidant effect

🍅 Removes free radicals. It has twice the capacity to neutralise free radicals than β-carotene

🍅 Increases the effectiveness of vitamin C, E and β carotene

🍅 Regulates the cell cycle

🍅 Prevents lipid oxidation, anti-inflammatory

🍅 Influences the whole metabolism

🍅 Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system ❤, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and heart attack

P R E C A U T I O N S :

⚠ During pregnancy and breast-feeding, it is safer to stick to lycopene in food and avoid additional supplementation, unless directed to do so by a healthcare provider.

⚠ Lycopene might slow blood clotting. It might increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. Stop using lycopene supplements at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery. 


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