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14 Diosmin - Capillary & Vein Support

Diosmin is a very useful substance which, among other things, can: relieve the feeling of 'heavy legs' and numbness (reduces swelling), support vascular skin care, reduces discomfort caused by ischemia associated with bedsores, and may reduce some complications associated with elevated blood sugar levels. What's not to like?

/ Diosmin /

d e f i n i t i o n :

It is a substance of natural origin, an organic compound from the flavonoid group, extracted mainly from citrus fruit pulp and skin like oranges 🍊 (Citrus aurantium) pulp, and through chemical methods from hesperidin.


❣ varicose veins of lower limbs resulting from chronic venous insufficiency

❣ haemorrhoids

❣ lymphoedema / post-thrombotic conditions

❣ diabetics

❣ treatment of wounds


🩸 Increases lymphatic drainage and increases flow in the lymphatic system by increasing the oncotic pressure of the lymph

🩸 Protects capillary circulation

🩸 Reduces capillary permeability

🩸 Protects microcirculation from damaging agents

🩸 Improves blood flow and return towards the heart ❤

🩸 Helps eliminate venous congestion and hypertension in the lower limbs

🩸 Reduces pathological activation and adhesion of leukocytes to capillary walls

🩸 Reduces blood viscosity

🩸 Anti-inflammatory effect (inhibits prostaglandin and free radical secretion)

P R E C A U T I O N S :

⚠ Pregnant and breast-feeding women should be careful with this supplement, as there is not enough data obtained through scientific studies, but you can always increase your intake of products containing this substance.


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