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06 Is this fungi right for you . . . ?

Today we have chosen to discuss quite a niche topic . . . Reishi Mushrooms! Now before you click off, trust us, whilst this may not be a traditionally known supplement, it is a a very valuable type of fungi which contains a multitude of important substances - are you ready to learn more about what they are?


d e f i n i t i o n :

This mushroom has a very unique composition since it contains: POLYSACCHARIDES, PHYTOSTEROLS, TRITERPENES AND SAPONINS, which are considered powerful immunostimulants that are most often used to support cancer treatment. The next important ingredient is BETA-D-GLYCAN - it strengthens the immune system and increases the number of macrophages. Fungi have valuable minerals (MANGANESE, MAGNESIUM, COPPER, ZINC, GERMANIUM), VITAMINS (MAINLY B VITAMINS), as well as 17 different types of AMINO ACIDS. In this type of mushrooms we can additionally distinguish PHENOLS, LYSOZYME, PROTEASE AND MANNITOLS.


They are recommended for many different things:

🍄 Enhancing memory & concentration - helping people who struggle with mental and physical fatigue 🧠

🍄 Detox support - supports the cleansing of heavy metals & toxic substances from the body 🍷

🍄 GENERAL ILLNESS: Dizziness,, Insomnia Palpitations, Allergies, High cholesterol, Hypertension, Asthma symptoms

🍄 MORE MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEMS: Chronic fatigue syndrome, Stomach ulcers, Various viral infections, including HIV & AIDS, Kidney problems, Jaundice, Supporting cancer treatment, Rheumatoid arthritis

🍄 DISEASES: Cardiovascular diseases ❤, Liver disease, Respiratory diseases, Autoimmune diseases

P R E C A U T I O N S :

You must be aware of and cautious of potential side effects when ingesting reishi mushrooms, they will not work for everyone:

⚠ Two cases of liver damage (one of which was fatal) have been reported in people who used reishi mushrooms in powdered form for 1-2 months. It is therefore recommended that mushrooms in this form should not be consumed for more than 30 days.

⚠ Headaches and dizziness, itching, rashes, indigestion, nosebleeds or bloody stools may occur with prolonged use.

⚠ In people who have a very low platelet count (thrombocytopenia), taking more than the normal dose may increase the risk of bleeding (as it does in other people with clotting disorders).

⚠ People who have blood clotting problems and are taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs (e.g. aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, warfarin, heparin) should contact their doctor before taking them.

⚠ Reishi mushrooms should not be used at least 2 weeks before and after surgery due to its blood clotting-lowering properties.

⚠ Reishi mushrooms may interact with hypertension medication. They lower blood pressure on their own, so when combined with these drugs they may lower it too much. For this reason, people struggling with hypotension should not use them either.

⚠ It is not recommended to combine reishi mushrooms with certain herbs such as ginkgo biloba.


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