How to get an ENERGY BOOST?

How to get an ENERGY BOOST?

One way to do this is with a short session of morning gymnastics/yoga/workout. ⚽🏀 A really short one! 


Morning exercises have a different effect on our body than exercises done in the afternoon or evening.

Morning gymnastics provides:  

  • 🌙 stimulation of the body after a night's sleep 
  • 😴 getting rid of drowsiness 
  • ⛅ a boost of energy for the whole day 
  • 😊 an improved mood 
  • 📚 better concentration 
  • 🍴 accelerated metabolism 

Morning gymnastics are general physical exercises performed in the morning, before breakfast. 🥐 This kind of exercise should be performed by everyone – it has a positive effect on the quality of your day. The purpose of such activity is to stimulate the body to function efficiently for the rest of the day, activate the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increase metabolism, and also to move the joints. It has been proven that people who regularly exercise in the morning have a more positive attitude and a better mood. The exercises should be simple and their pace should be slow. Morning exercise does not have to take up a lot of time. Just 10-15 minutes is enough to activate the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and to get the joints moving. During physical exercise endorphins, or happy hormones, are released, which improve the mood and ensure well-being for many hours. 😃 Morning exercise improves blood supply to the brain 🩸, which in turn improves concentration and long-term memory. Exercise speeds up metabolism, making the body burn calories faster, thus aiding weight loss. Studies also suggest that those who exercise in the morning have a smaller appetite during the day, which promotes weight loss. 🍴

 What should I keep in mind?

  • The room in which you exercise should be well ventilated, you can exercise with an open window or when the weather is good, you can exercise outdoors. This will allow additional oxygenation of the body. 🌞
  • Exercising after waking up is recommended as aerobic activity, while all strength training should be done later.
  • Stretch slowly and calmly before exercising (you can start while still lying in bed). 
  • Morning gymnastics should begin with breathing exercises and end calmly with them, and you can also intersperse them during the exercise. (depending on how long you want to exercise).
  • You should also do stretching exercises.
  • Spend approximately 10-15 minutes on the morning gymnastics, but you can extend this time depending on the need.

What options are there for morning activities?

  • 👟Running 
  • 🚲 Cycling 
  • 🚶‍♀️ Nordic walking 
  • 🧘‍♀️ Yoga 

Morning gymnastics stimulate the body and prepare you for the day. It should not, however, cause fatigue. Exercises should be done slowly and without hurry. Due to numerous health benefits (both physical and psychical), morning exercise in a relaxed atmosphere is recommended for everyone, and you can even put on your favourite music.

What are your ways to get going, to wake up in the morning?
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