Body Scrub With Amber Extract

Body Scrub With Amber Extract

Kopalnia soli Kłodawa
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Package contains: 360 g

DESCRIPTION: Kłodawska salt scrub is an excellent way to remove dead epidermis, cleanse the skin, and narrow pores. It is suitable for people struggling with skin problems, including psoriasis or eczema. This scrub perfectly stimulates skin renewal, rejuvenates it and intensively stimulates blood circulation.

Salt has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. With regular use, it can reduce skin inflammation, itching, and pain associated with bacterial skin disease.

During the treatment, the properties of salt are used, as well as the abrasive effect of the scrub, which cleans the skin, improves circulation and helps to unblock the pores. Gently rubbing the skin with salt, in circular movements, removes the dead cells. When the skin is not exfoliated, the dead cells build up and form a hard shell. Salt scrubs reduces discoloration and evens out the skin tone, leaving it smooth and taut.

DIRECTIONS: Apply small amount of salt scrub onto wet skin with delicate circling motions. Rinse with water afterwards.

STORAGE: Salt should be stored in clean, dry rooms without foreign odours.

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